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        线象空间 新中式干景造型空间装修设计

        时间:2020-09-08 创作:线象空间

        空  间  的  设  计  现  象

                  SPACE  DESIGN  PHENOMENON





        The new Chinese dry landscape is generally reflected by the new dry landscape elements such as natural stone, artificial art landscape stone, wood, wooden pile, etc., combined with fences and plants. For example, the functional modeling on the wall can also be decorated by art grid. And the art scene generally has rockery fish pond or finished water tank and new art water sketch. Walk in at this time to make a happy heart!
        Use a variety of theories and means to impact and influence people's emotions, so as to achieve the desired design effect. If the indoor environment can highlight a certain conception and artistic conception, then it will produce a strong artistic appeal and better play its role in spiritual function.




        项目名称  |  新中式干景造型空间

        项目类型  |  商业空间
        项目地址  |  湖南长沙

        设计单位  |  线象空间设计机构

        设计总监  |  李俊杰
        项目面积  |  1230m²

        项目地点  |  湖南地区

        主要用材  |  水磨石砖、艺术涂料、装饰硬包、不锈钢、麻石、黑色墙漆、石子、实木线、胡桃木实木雕花、中式刺绣隔断、艺术字……


        • Project Name: new Chinese style dry landscape modeling space

        • Project type | commercial space

        • Project address Changsha, Hunan

        • Design unit linear image space design organization

        • Design director Li Junjie

        • Project area | 1230m2

        • Project location | Hunan area

        • The main materials are: Terrazzo brick, art coating, decorative hard package, stainless steel, stone, black wall paint, stone, solid wood thread, walnut wood carving, Chinese embroidery partition, art words









        Line image space: with a unique design perspective, it gives new visual effects to different spaces. It can make good use of design elements, plus interesting creativity and considerate to people to create comfortable and harmonious. Under the basic principle of measuring the actual environment and the use function, it is in line with the economic and aesthetic principles to achieve a balance and give full play to the unique personality of space.