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        时间:2020-09-04 创作:线象空间

        空  间  的  设  计  现  象

                  SPACE  DESIGN  PHENOMENON





        In the choice of indoor color, black and white gray log color is used. The design style is minimalist, and the visual tension is achieved through the strong contrast of materials. The lighting design adds a lot of point light source and area lighting to make the space more cool. This modern and simple design method produces a kind of continuity in vision, and also creates a strong aesthetic effect.




        项目名称  |  浔龙河办公室

        项目类型  |  商业用途
        项目地址  |  长沙

        设计单位  |  线象空间设计机构

        设计总监  |  李俊杰
        项目面积  |  160m²

        项目地点  |  湖南地区

        主要用材  |  爵士白、免漆板、白橡木、水波纹不锈钢、肌理漆、生态木、黑色不锈钢、乳胶漆、古铜不锈钢……


        • Project name xunlonghe Office

        • Project type | commercial use

        • Project address: xunlonghe tourism town, Changsha

        • Design unit linear image space design organization

        • Design director Li Junjie

        • Project area | 160m2

        • Project location | Hunan area

        • The main materials are jazz white, paint free board, white oak, water ripple stainless steel, texture paint, ecological wood, black stainless steel, latex paint, bronze stainless steel







        Line image space: with a unique design perspective, it gives new visual effects to different spaces. It can make good use of design elements, plus interesting creativity and considerate to people to create comfortable and harmonious. Under the basic principle of measuring the actual environment and the use function, it is in line with the economic and aesthetic principles to achieve a balance and give full play to the unique personality of space.