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                  SPACE  DESIGN  PHENOMENON




        Chinese medicine is also a treasure of our country, with a long history. It is the pride of our Chinese nation. Now more and more people, including foreigners, pay more attention to traditional Chinese medicine. So how to decorate the TCM rehabilitation room?

        1. In the wall decoration must choose easy to clean and clean disinfection materials. Convenient for daily care and disinfection.

        2. The wall material of the inspection area should be noise proof, and the traditional Chinese medicine treatment is to observe, smell and inquire.

        3. Don't choose the reflective and slippery ground. The majority of the elderly in traditional Chinese medicine, the ground is too slippery and too light, the elderly people are easy to fall down, and the reflection will make them dazzled and don't know where to go.

        4. The overall decoration should be simple and elegant.

        5. The prescriptions of traditional Chinese medicine are herbs, insects and other natural species used as medicine, so in the decoration, herbs can be used as medicine, animals and so on can be put into the decoration, so that people can understand what traditional Chinese medicine is while seeing a doctor.

        6. Traditional Chinese medicine is a question of many fields.





        项目名称  |  中医康复室

        项目类型  |  商业空间
        项目地址  |  湖南长沙

        设计单位  |  线象空间设计机构

        设计总监  |  李俊杰
        项目面积  |  290m²

        项目地点  |  湖南地区

        主要用材  |  胡桃木、美岩板、木漆布、水磨砖、爵士白、浅咖石材、西班牙米黄、金色不锈钢、木纹板……


        • Project Name: rehabilitation center of traditional Chinese Medicine

        • Project type | commercial space

        • Project address Changsha, Hunan

        • Design unit linear image space design organization

        • Design director Li Junjie

        • Project area | 290m

        • Project location | Hunan area

        • The main materials are walnut wood, American rock plate, wood lacquer cloth, water mill brick, jazz white, light coffee stone, Spanish beige, gold stainless steel, wood grain board






        Line image space: with a unique design perspective, it gives new visual effects to different spaces. It can make good use of design elements, plus interesting creativity and considerate to people to create comfortable and harmonious. Under the basic principle of measuring the actual environment and the use function, it is in line with the economic and aesthetic principles to achieve a balance and give full play to the unique personality of space.



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