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        空  间  的  设  计  现  象

                  SPACE  DESIGN  PHENOMENON






                Literature and art is not only a kind of feeling, but also a kind of attitude towards life. Literature and art are petty bourgeoisie. Every place is beautiful photos. A large coffee shop with sunshine glass room is very quiet. The space design is exquisite, which breaks through the feeling of old industrial style which is popular now. The copied photo wall is integrated with the overall style, which has a very tonal feeling. Beautiful environment, retro, Nordic, petty bourgeoisie. A place where you can read with ease, the overall decoration style is partial to northern Europe, with sunshine style, bright space light and warm environment. Find a window seat, read a good book, not comfortable. It's a great place to go. Order a drink and choose a book in your spare time, and you can have a wonderful afternoon. The most attractive is a variety of green plants, the color matching is gorgeous and not vulgar, a pair of naive and natural style, people look very comfortable. In addition to the bouquet, there is a wider space for coffee and tea, as well as some flower derivatives.


        项目名称  |  最文艺小资的咖啡馆

        项目类型  |  商业空间
        项目地址  |  湖南长沙

        设计单位  |  线象空间设计机构

        设计总监  |  李俊杰
        项目面积  |  193m²

        项目地点  |  湖南地区

        主要用材  |  鱼骨纹木地板瓷砖、水曲柳、黑漆板、实木线、文化砖、钢化玻璃、墙漆、灰砖、白色人造石、浅咖石材、黑色不锈钢、木纹铝方通……


        • Project name | the most literary and artistic Cafe

        • Project type | commercial space

        • Project address Changsha, Hunan

        • Design unit linear image space design organization

        • Design director Li Junjie

        • Project area | 193m

        • Project location | Hunan area

        • The main materials are fishbone wood floor tiles, ash ash, black paint board, solid wood line, cultural brick, tempered glass, wall paint, gray brick, white artificial stone, light coffee stone, black stainless steel, wood grain aluminum square








        Line image space: with a unique design perspective, it gives new visual effects to different spaces. It can make good use of design elements, plus interesting creativity and considerate to people to create comfortable and harmonious. Under the basic principle of measuring the actual environment and the use function, it is in line with the economic and aesthetic principles to achieve a balance and give full play to the unique personality of space.




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